Amy Nettley 3D model

Amy Nettley.

The 3D model created by Amy.  

Visualising climate change in the Tamar Valley

University of Exeter

The National Trust has been better able to engage with the local community after University of Exeter PhD student Amy Nettley produced a 3D visualisation of the Tamar Valley.

Amy’s visualisation is capable of modelling past, present and future tidal conditions. The project will help locals better understand how climate change might impact on the Tamar Valley, informing decision making on future developments.

Amy has taken her model to focus groups and discussions with the National Trust and other organisations to who she has communicated her findings and reviewed potential plans for future developments.

Amy’s research has already been accepted into a journal and the National Trust are running more discussions with the Tamar Valley community thanks to her work.

The short film Changing Tides summarises Amy’s work.