Richard Sharpe

Richard Sharpe is working with Coastline Housing to understand the impacts of new building practices on human health.

Understanding the links between housing and health

European Centre for Environment and Human Health

Coastline Housing are working to examine a range of allergic and respiratory diseases and the role that building practices and occupant behaviour can have on their development with European Centre for Environment and Human Health PhD researcher Richard Sharpe.

Recent improvements in energy efficiency have changed the way that homes are ventilated with potential consequences for the quality of domestic living conditions. This research will help Coastline Housing to understand the ways that new heating practices could impact the health and wellbeing of its occupants.

Mark England, Head of Technical Services, Coastline Housing said: “This has been such a refreshing and positive experience for us. The professionalism, level of knowledge and fresh approach that working with a PhD student has brought has captured everyone’s enthusiasm. High-quality research is critical to any future decisions we make, so its importance can’t be underestimated.”

This collaboration aims to develop a full understanding of these issues, with the findings initially feeding into Coastline Housing’s public health policies and messages. The tenants of the organisation’s 3,800 homes in Cornwall are set to benefit from the study’s findings and the results could also be used to inform the wider Cornish community.