Andrew Robertson

PhD student Andrew Robertson.

Understanding foraging behaviour in badgers 

University of Exeter

This project examines the development of individual and group level foraging specialisations in badgers. The likelihood of Bovine tuberculosis (TB) transmission has been shown to be related to badger foraging behaviour so a better understanding of the factors driving foraging specialisations is important in the development of risk management strategies.

University of Exeter PhD student Andrew Robertson has been working in the field; catching and surveying badgers in their habitat as well as analysing samples in the laboratory.

Andrew’s work contributes to the growing body of research on the subject of badger behaviour and ecology, which is crucially important in advising future management concerned with TB. This disease is of high ecological and financial interest, particularly in Cornwall and other areas of the south west of England where outbreaks of the disease in cattle herds is a real financial problem.