Annabel Banks Stamps and Stories poster

Falmouth University.

Annabel's 'Stamps & Stories' poetry poster.

Poetry and the archive: history, story, community

Falmouth University

This PhD looks into correspondences between the two founders of the Boulton & Watt Mining Company and Cornish mine manager Thomas Wilson (1748-1820), which are archived at the Cornish Records Office.

Falmouth University PhD student Annabel Banks is exploring whether a body of creative work that juxtaposes stories from this archive with present-day narratives of the Cornish post-industrial landscape can contribute to local understanding of Cornish industrial heritage.

The project is supported by the King Edward Mine Museum in Troon and The Bike Barn in Portreath. Both businesses are enthusiastic centres of historical knowledge and interest and will be the focus of site-specific performances of the poetry. These performances will not only give the narratives back to the landscape but hope to increase visibility and footfall to its business partners.

The body of work and its site-specific performances will hopefully contribute to the active discussions around the changes in the Cornish post-industrial landscape and help promote the legacy of Cornwall's industrial past.