John Hartley Canoe

Copyright: Artur Tixiliski Cartel Photos. 

John Hartley with his canoe made from suits and desks at the AIR launch.

Generating ecological knowledge through visual arts collaborations around the Cornish seabed 

Falmouth University

Ecological change may appear remote - it can seem to belong to distant places and distant times. Rather than relying on science alone to fill in the facts, we may need to allow perspectives to show us the seabed in different ways, for different futures and different audiences.

Falmouth University PhD researcher John Hartley, in collaboration with Mojo Maritime, is using contemporary art to play with different ways of looking at those futures and different ways of looking at the Cornish seabed.

In exploring non-scientific perspectives alongside traditional scientific interpretations, this project aims to increase our current understanding of how multiple sectors might better work together in envisioning a more sustainable future.

John said: “Sustainability means different things to different people. Arts practice can help us to think playfully about low impact, low cost ways of finding out about the seabed and that can be a valuable way to engage with issues of ecological change.”