Andrei Kuznetsov

PhD researcher Andrei Kuznetsov.

Developing a Port Sustainability Management System for smaller ports

Plymouth University

Ports in Cornwall and Devon are becoming more sustainable because of work undertaken by a Plymouth University PhD student.

Andrei Kuznetsov is helping Falmouth Harbour Commissioners share their Port Sustainability Management System (PSMS).

He has been looking at how ports manage environmental sustainability and assessing their attitudes towards the PSMS before proposing a model to disseminate further.

The PSMS aims to assist ports in planning maritime operations more sustainably, facilitate mitigation of potential risks and assess developments.

Mark Sansom, Chief Executive, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, said: “This collaboration has been of significant assistance in providing an improved understanding of the various port models and roles and their differing attitudes to environmental management.”

Andrei has found that there are a number of ports who will soon not be able to receive commercial vessels due to draught restrictions. They urgently require commercial contingencies to replace current income streams and safeguard the viability of their ports for local communities; the PSMS will assist them to assess these contingencies efficiently.

It is hoped that by getting more ports involved in using the PSMS, it will lead to increased jobs and more commercial opportunities in the sector.

The UK hosts over 900 ports. Many are small and possess insufficient resources or technical expertise to engage an environmental specialist to assess the potential impact of maritime operations. Increasingly complex legislation and more stakeholders make compliance a burden.