Tomasz Plymouth

Tomasz is working to develop a new sensing system for marine surveyors.

Designing an intelligent, fast acquisition remote sensing system for subsea applications

Plymouth University

Subsea cables have to be periodically maintained and checked in terms of their position and burial depth. This is difficult because of the dynamic environment of the sea floor, which can cause changes in position, depth, visibility and access to the cables. Although there have been significant advances, there is still a great need for a method which can detect buried subsea power and telecommunication cables with precision and at low cost.

Penzance based company Subsea Cable Tracking Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Underwater Technical Services Ltd who have been in the industry for over twenty years, have joined together with Plymouth University to address the skills gap.

PhD researcher Tomasz Szyrowski is using mathematical and statistical tools in synergy with the practice of marine surveying. Tomasz is looking at the sensors used on marine applications and the innovative tools in data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Steve Moore, Managing Director, Subsea Cable Tracking Ltd, said: "The fast tracking of submarine cables and furthermore determination of burial depth is a critical factor in ensuring adequate protection of, and remedial work on, these valuable assets. We recognise that existing technology has limitations and very much look forward to seeing if this situation can be improved.”

It is hoped that the project will benefit the marine industry worldwide as well as helping to boost the Cornish economy.